InfinCEK is a research and development society that aims to improve student research capacity. The society wants to nurture a technocratic culture in the college which is lead by originality and creativity.

InfinCEK acts as the student research and development wing of College of Engineering Kidangoor.The members of InfinCEK have been involved in multiple projects, competitions and has attended and organised workshops. Members of InfinCEK has come up with a number of ideas that can improve the status quo. Furthermore InfinCEK stresses in bringing these ideas into reality.

Projects Undertaken

  • Developing and Maintaining College Website.
    Members: Samanyu S Neelson, Akshay U, Akhil M P, Athul Cyriac Ajay
  • Organized a 2 day workshop on Robotics in College of Engineering Kidangoor
  • Organizing team for CEK's first ever hackathon Meenhacks
  • SOS device of senior Citizens.
    Project in progress.