There is a canteen, inside the permanent campus, catering to the needs of the students and staff of the College. Delicious vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals of the local cuisine, and hot & cool refreshments are served at affordable rates. The working of the canteen is strictly monitored to adhere to the acceptable standards of hygiene.


The College has a society registered under Co-operative Societies Act with Reg. No. K-1006.There are about 500 members in the society including class B student members and class A staff members. It provides the students and staff with all necessary study materials including drawing sheets, textbooks, notebooks, stationery, instruments etc at reasonable cost. It is located in a room at the permanent campus very near the classrooms and the drawing hall. The students are given a discount varying from 10% to 15% for the purchases made from the society.

Sports Activities

“Don’t look for heroes, be one” is what we believe in.the college offers regular sports events to discover the potentials and develop the talents of students.The college has a permanent Volleyball court and a Shuttle court. We had purchased sports gears for all major games like Football, Shuttle, Cricket, and Volley Ball and also for Athletics. The College participated in University sports organized by CUSAT and has established themselves as major contenders.


Kidangoor Service Co-operative Bank has been extending their support from the inception and had donated the land, where the college is located. The Bank has opened an extension counter, situated in the main building of the college.

Language Lab

Language Lab mainly focusing the expert English vocabulary training and Spoken practice for the all students in this campus


Construction of the permanent building was completed and the inaugural ceremony was conducted in February 2004. Main Building has an area of 2800m2, Information Technology/Computer Science building 1900m2, Electronics and Communication/Electronics and Instrumentation 2300m2 , Electrical and Electronics Building 1900m2, Civil Engineering 1900m2 and Library 800m2 and three workshop building each with 500m2. The College campus is Wi-fi enabled.