Open Source Club

We are a community of tech enthusiasts working hard to spread knowledge and strengthen the collaborative culture among the young minds. The Community was made for all aspiring individuals who are keen to share their knowledge for the community.

We are set to a goal to improve the Skills of our peers and making them aware of the advantages and possibilities of Programming/Coding and Contributing to Open Source. The Major problem is that in Kerala, The Job Prospects for Engineering students declined in the past few years, This was due to the lack of Student Quality. They wanted students who were more into programming and Coding as this was a baseline for the companies who come for recruitment. We were formed by this cause as the students who loved coding/programming and we aim to change that. This remains to be our Shared Struggle.

You can contact a member of the community via email Provided Below, or directly reaching out. Contact us directly with this email or

  • Anish A Aziz - Faculty Coordinator
  • Gokuldas K M - Student Program Coordinator
  • Athul Cyriac Ajay- Organizing Committee