Convener: Dr. K. S. Angel Viji, Senior Associate Professor/CSEs

Chairperson: Dr. K. G. Viswanathan, Principal


Bobby K IssacSenior AO / CAPE
Suvin SunderAO / CEK
G. Vishwanadhan NairChairman / Co-oprative Bank
Harikrishna RCollege Union Chairman
Joby JamesAP / ECE
MaryKuttiSDE / BSNL
Dr. Rajeesh JHOD / ECE
Dr. Tina P GAP / ECE
Bindhya HariAP / Civil
Priya MAP / ECE
PraseethaAP / ECE


  • To take lead role in the NBA accreditation related activities of the college.
  • To plan and implement Outcome based education.
  • To plan and maintain all documents,both institutional and Departmental, for facilitating NBA Accreditation
  • To initiate, implement &monitor ISO related activities.
  • To assure proper maintenance of all documents
  • To assure the quality of educational process of the college.
  • To keep documents of all activities of the college in a common place.
  • To conduct meetings at proper intervals.
  • To Prepare Annual Report